We can help you manage your inventory!

Looking to improve your business’s bottom line? We can help! Our inventory management services will help you save money, resources, and time, all while ensuring that your inventory is always stocked and ready.

Here are the benefits we offer:

  1. Lower inventory costs: We’ll help you reduce your inventory levels and carrying costs by storing your inventory in our warehouse, freeing up space in your own facility.
  2. Improve cash flow: With our just-in-time and kanban systems, you’ll always have the materials you need on hand, freeing up cash that you can use for other important business expenses.
  3. Save time and resources: Our experienced distribution professionals will manage your inventory and keep it in our warehouse, so you can focus on your core business activities.

At East Bay Distributors, we’re more than just a supplier. We’re a partner in your success, offering sophisticated inventory management services to help your business thrive. Contact us today to learn more!

How does it work? Here’s an example:

Let’s say your company uses 1,200 components per year, with an average use of 100 per month. We’ll manage your inventory of stock in our warehouse to meet your needs monthly or during peak sales. Delivery is typically completed within three days, and by only stocking what you need, we’ll help you reduce your inventory costs and improve your cash flow.

Ask how we can help you today!